Many patients and healthcare providers rely on Internet-based technologies to overcome distance and time obstacles when meeting for appointments. Whether by videoconference with a computer or by audio-only call with a phone, such “telehealth” services bring people together in a “virtual office” for consultations that might otherwise be difficult or impossible. At the same time, that convenience raises important questions about privacy, ease of use, and compatibility with different types of devices. CNS balances these considerations by offering a variety of services via Lifesize, a best-in-class encrypted platform for HIPAA-compliant videoconference and audio-only calls. Our doctors and staff can help you decide whether telehealth services would be appropriate and determine whether insurance coverage is available for those services.

We offer the following information to help you prepare for telehealth appointments.

  1. Hardware requirements include a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone; a video camera and/or microphone; and a strong Internet connection.
    1. Lifesize is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X (desktop or laptop computers) and with Google Android and Apple iOS (Droid tablet or smartphone, iPad, or iPhone).
    2. Newer laptops, tablets, and smartphones have built-in video cameras and microphones. External Webcam/microphone units may be purchased for desktop computers and older laptops. (NOTE: Because smartphones and many tablets have small screens, a computer may be needed for some CNS services.)
    3. Although cable or fiber optic home Internet service is preferred for video appointments, DSL or satellite service may also be usable. A wired router connection (with Ethernet cable) will offer better call quality than a wireless (WiFi) router connection. WiFi connections require a strong password for privacy (see this article for instructions).
    4. A land line or strong cell phone connection is recommended for audio-only appointments.
  2. Software requirements include a Web browser and/or the Lifesize computer or tablet/smartphone app.
    1. As indicated here, Lifesize is compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Safari, and Firefox.
    2. If Chrome or Edge is detected, Lifesize will open as a Web app within your browser (i.e. the computer or tablet/smartphone app won’t be needed). If Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox is detected, Lifesize will prompt you to download and install the appropriate app (see here for downloads).
    3. Updating to the latest version of your browser may provide the best call experience, but other programs or applications that rely on an older browser version could encounter problems or stop working.
    4. Before joining your appointment, close all programs other than your browser and/or the Lifesize app.
  3. Because CNS uses Email to send links for video appointments and telephone numbers for audio-only appointments, Email access will simplify the process of joining calls. In addition, Email access will be needed to retrieve DocuSign forms in your first appointment.
    1. CNS uses state-of-the-art Email encryption technology from Virtru Corporation to ensure the privacy of healthcare information. We recommend that you review instructions for reading Virtru Emails before your first appointment.
    2. Links for video calls expire after 24 hours. Please do not click a link until the day of your appointment.
    3. In your first appointment, you will be given a password to open DocuSign forms. We recommend that you review instructions for completing DocuSign forms before that appointment.
  4. Please set up your equipment and review the instructions here for joining a Lifesize call as a guest at least 2 business days before your first appointment. If problems occur, feel free to contact our staff for help.
    1. In the Lifesize instructions, “extension” refers to the 7-digit number in a video appointment link (for example, “1234567” in “”).
    2. Before your appointment, please confirm that your camera and microphone settings are correct in your browser. If you choose to create a free Lifesize account and install the app, please confirm that camera and microphone settings are correct in the app.
  5. To get the most from your appointment, we offer the following recommendations for preparation.
    1. As much as possible, choose a private, quiet, and distraction-free space. Consider posting a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign to discourage interruptions.
    2. Ensure that lighting is adequate. Avoid sitting in front of a light source.
    3. Adjust the distance and angle of your camera so that your head and shoulders fill the video frame.
    4. Dress as you would for an in-office appointment.
    5. Join your appointment several minutes early.


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