Your appointment letter will include a list of helpful items to bring to your appointments. These may include:

  • Family member or friend who can give additional information about you and the issues for which you are seeking services
  • Records related to the issues for which you are seeking services (e.g., medical or mental healthcare provider records; reports from past psychological, neuropsychological, and psychoeducational/ school evaluations; reports of brain scans and EEGs/sleep studies; IEP/PPT records; school grade reports; and reports of standardized test scores such as Smarter Balance/SBAC and SAT). Please note that we do not request or copy records for patients. You may either loan us original records (to be returned when service is complete) or give us copies that we may keep.
  • List of current medications
  • Any regular medications that must be taken during longer appointments
  • Contact information (telephone numbers and full street addresses) for parties to whom the report of your examination will be sent
  • Copy of probate court form that documents appointment of conservator of person. If that person will not be at the first visit, he/she must be available by telephone to give verbal permission for release of information and for evaluation/treatment.
  • Eyeglasses
  • Beverages, snacks, and/or meals for longer appointments. Heavily caffeinated beverages, e.g., energy drinks, should be avoided.


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