At CNS, we offer 1) neuropsychological examinations for differential diagnosis of known/suspected brain disorders, and 2) psychological examinations for differential diagnosis of known/suspected psychological disorders.

We invite patients and families to download our introductory brochure about the neuropsychological examination. It briefly describes why such an examination may be useful and necessary, the procedures it involves, and who is qualified to conduct it.

Populations Served: (All ages except infants)

  • Brain disorders – Mild to catastrophic brain injury (traumatic brain injury), congenital and developmental disorders, cerebrovascular disorders, tumors, seizure disorders, dementias and other progressive disorders, learning and attention problems, and less common syndromes and conditions. We also conduct pre- and post-neurosurgical evaluations.
  • Physical disabilities – Any injury, illness, or post-surgical condition posing challenges to the emotional and behavioral well-being of patients and their significant others
  • Severe/chronic illnesses – Coping with emotional and behavioral challenges associated with conditions that are likely to persist or worsen
  • Emotional problems – Depression, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, behavior problems of childhood and adolescence, and relationship and parenting issues
  • Dysfunction – Consultations designed to help individuals overcome barriers to personal growth and achieve life goals


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