Forensic Services Provided:

  • Informal verbal consultation – CNS doctors are available to discuss the indications and contraindications for referral in particular cases.
  • Record review – May be performed as a stand-alone service or in preparation for direct examination. Record reviews may be completed with or without reports. Relevant documents in a particular case may include, but are not limited to, pediatrician and primary care physician or any of a variety of medical specialties, educational transcripts and files, military records, vocational records, deposition and testimony transcripts, images and videos, and police accident reports.
  • Diagnostic interview/history – This service may be provided separately from, or as part of, an examination. Major areas include family structure and functioning as well as medical, psychological, substance use, educational, vocational, military, leisure, sexual, and legal histories.
  • Test administration – Selection of procedures depends upon the nature of the case and referral questions. Instruments and procedures measure the major domains of brain function, emotion/ personality, and validity.
  • Scoring and interpretation – Using accepted procedures, appropriate norms, and responsible procedural adaptations and bias management strategies, CNS harnesses the power of neuropsychological data to provide objective and trustworthy examination findings.
  • Reports – Report length may be tailored to the needs of the client. Brief reports with bottom-line diagnoses and recommendations represent one end of a continuum. Complex and lengthy reports with explicit maximum basis for findings may be requested as a single document or as an executive summary and appendix with supporting data.
  • Feedback – Designed to clearly and effectively communicate examination findings and recommendations directly to examinees and others. CNS doctors are committed to a rehabilitative orientation intended to translate diagnostic results into treatment and intervention recommendations that make a difference.
  • Consultation – CNS doctors are available for consultations that vary in length and complexity depending upon the needs of the client. This service is available to answer a wide range of referral questions regarding cases, diagnoses, treatments, practices, and programs. In addition, we can help develop relevant consultation questions.
  • Preparation – Prior to testimony at depositions, hearings, and trials, CNS doctors help attorneys prepare to present experts so that opinions are offered in a clear, informative, and engaging fashion. We can also maximize counsel’s effectiveness in the examination of other treaters and experts.
  • Testimony – As expert witnesses, CNS doctors communicate their qualifications, professional activities and procedures, opinions, and recommendations in simple and straightforward terms that stand up to rigorous scrutiny.

Types of Cases:

Independent of nature and/or source of referral, venue, jurisdiction, or type of legal determination, CNS doctors maintain the highest professional and ethical standards in assisting various involved parties and triers of fact in truly understanding the cases before them.


  • Plaintiff and defense
  • Personal injury
  • Product liability
  • Competency
  • Medical malpractice (e.g., misdiagnosis, standards of care)
  • Peer review


  • Fitness and competency
  • Mitigating factors
  • Insanity


  • School violence
  • Conflict resolution and avoidance
  • Due process hearings


  • Workers’ Compensation claims (claimant and respondent)
  • Fitness for duty examinations
  • Employee assistance program (EAP) examinations
  • Work-related disability evaluations


  • Custody
  • Parent fitness/competency

See Case Examples & Testimonials

Forensic neuropsychological services are provided with a commitment to accuracy, integrity and effective communication. CNS doctors are trained and peer-reviewed in systematic and objective measurement of the validity of psychological and brain injury cases.

Objective measurement of valid vs. invalid claims is performed in cases involving questions of brain disorder, emotional/psychological disorder, and chronic pain. From the initial contact with our administrative staff through the completion of the case, time-tested procedures are implemented to support accurate findings and effective recommendations.

Verbal and written reporting by CNS doctors is clear and concise. Communications are timely. A unique report format gives readers easy access to all or any part of the data, including history and systematic assessment of major domains of brain function, emotion, and validity.

The CNS report empowers involved parties and triers of fact to identify, manage, and adjudicate legitimate claims in a cost-effective manner and to have a solid foundation for limiting the adverse impact and expense of invalid claims.

CNS has a formalized and systematic commitment to accurate and objective forensic analysis. Written policies and procedures to mitigate potential examiner bias are in place. The entire CNS staff remains engaged in continued development and implementation of systems to support straightforward forensic assessments which serve the highest interests of society, adjudicators, and the profession.


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